Our team brings real world experience from hospitals, health plans, physician practices, PBMs, and pharmacies that motivates blue sky innovations with deep knowledge around execution and market barriers.

Susan L. Lang
Chief Executive Officer

Susan brings a robust knowledge of healthcare and a passion for competition. She created tremendous client value that helped fund earnings growth and return billions in drug costs back to clients as c-suite executive for Express Scripts, a Fortune 20 company.  Her expertise is focused on health economics, client solutions and market growth.


Raymond McCall

President, XIL Consulting

Raymond joins the team at XIL as a former senior retail pharmacy executive.  After successfully assisting with the merger and integration of Ahold/Delhaize, Raymond joins our firm to lead the strategy, innovation and key client account areas.  He brings expertise and real world experience to every engagement that helps clients understand how to effectively compete in the market.

Karen Baer

Chief Financial Officer

Karen is a successful finance executive with senior management experience managing complex, top 10 academic hospital systems.  Recently, she was a senior executive with Wells Fargo but missed being deeply involved in healthcare.  Karen is passionate about the HooPayz mission to bring transparent pricing and advocacy for employers to the healthcare market. 

Cari Wegge

VP, Client Strategies

Cari brings a wealth of knowledge and solutions to her clients each day.  She successfully managed Fortune 200 clients for a top-tier PBM, assisting with clinical and economic solutions that reduced drug spend.  In her leadership role at XIL, Cari manages the day-to-day client strategies, innovation and solutions that drive value.

Debbie Sanders
Chief Operating Officer
and Senior Partner

Debbie brings exceptional knowledge in executing complex product and business development solutions for clients. As a former Express Scripts executive, Debbie led cross-functional, enterprise-wide IT development projects. Now as a successful entrepreneur, Debbie understands the drive for rapid solutions that are scalable and create competitive advantages.  

Chuck Kneese
President, Red Wagon Rx

Chuck is well respected for his innovative network solutions that reset the market. He shares a unique strategic perspective to any discussion, having led $50B of provider network negotiations for Express Scripts. He also has deep insight into retail pharmacies, specialty, pricing and client product development, including value and specialty network creation.

Meghann Chilcott
Chief Technology Officer

Meghann Chilcott is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 20 years of success in the healthcare, retail, pharmacy, and technology industries. Meghann has held technology and operational leadership positions with Benzer Pharmacy, OrderInsite, Fred’s Pharmacy, and Navarro Pharmacy. Meghann leads technology product development and strategy.

David Huebner
Chief Analytics Officer

As a senior executive in our analytics area, Dave uses advanced analytics and pricing models to drive value for payers, retailers and pharma. He has specific technical expertise in Pharma rebate management as well as drug procurement and drug pricing models.  Dave leads analytical platform development, including the new XIL Impact Retail Pharmacy Portal.