Welcome to XIL Impact!

Our solutions drive results that you can verify. Our tools assess your market position and help you with improvement economics for your business.  

Impact Educate

Educate yourself on the constantly changing healthcare landscape with knowledge of industry and market trends written by experts with decades of experience from hospitals, health plans, PBMs, pharmacies, and physician practices.

(Available for customers with bundled offering)

Impact Navigate

Navigate your key metrics and see a clear snapshot of how your business is operating today. Navigate will give you the assurance needed to present facts and figures to your manager or C-suite.

Impact Optimize

Optimize pharmacy managed care contracting with our interactive platform. Optimize eliminates the need for spreadsheets when working through a contract negotiation, keeping things in one place, and you're left feeling organized and confident.

Impact Insight

Insight powers your Navigate and Optimize tools while also giving you access to the raw pharmacy data with which you're familiar. Looking to learn more about a particular data set? Use this tool to analyze your information in one place.