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EnvisionRx PBM Acquisition by Rite Aid


Multi-billion dollar acquisition of a transparency PBM by a top retail pharmacy chain, Rite Aid. XIL provided a rapid business model assessment, identifying opportunities for growth. Working alongside Deloitte Consulting and Citi Group, XIL led a team of functional experts across the PBM business model including rebates, provider networks, pricing, client solutions, subsidiaries, earnings growth, specialty, IT platforms, IT security and HIPAA compliance. The result: successful due diligence resulting in an acquisition offer.

(NOTE: This acquisition strategy has been disclosed publicly - otherwise XIL would not use the client's name)

Comprehensive Pharmacy Network Strategy


When one of the largest health plans approached us about assessing their retail pharmacy network strategy, we were ready to make an impact. We reviewed provider contracts for key levers, benchmarked provider reimbursements against key competitors and provided valuable insight into MAC management. The result: an updated contract negotiation plan that yielded millions in reduced costs.

Rebate Benchmarking & Vendor Management


Working with a top PBM to assess their rebate strategy, we reviewed utilization data, redefined specialty drug definitions, debated formulary management and finally designed the right rebate vendor management program using a rebate aggregator. The result: quicker sharing of rebate dollars with their clients for more competitive RFP pricing.

Specialty Network Strategy & Pricing


Working with a national leader in the managed Medicare and Medicaid space, we assessed their specialty strategy to match current market member access trends. Designed a strategy with access, price and quality for members with chronic, complex illnesses.  Changed the definition of specialty, by therapeutic category, and retail providers to shift the economics. The result: more competitive offering by state health plan and better access to clinical services and adherence programs for members.